Here at Tecoz, we hand-make, distribute and market the highest quality Venezuelan products available in Australia. Our aim is to introduce you to the very best of Venezuelan cuisine and transmit the spirit of the Venezuelan people – life should be about fun times, good food, and friendly faces!

our vision

 To be the best and most cheerful distributor of Venezuelan products in Australia.

our mission

To provide only the best quality Venezuelan products and to satisfy the needs of our clients to the highest standard, bringing joy and a sense of family into Australian homes.

what are tecoz?

That’s a good question. Some people know them as cheese fingers, others as cheese sticks, and many countries lay claim to their discovery. But we’re here to dispel all rumors once and for all.

The Tequeño is a beloved Venezuelan snack, prepared with an assortment of delectable fillings. Our special batter gives them an irresistible crunch, making that first bite a simply exquisite experience.  Tequeños go well with just about everything, from the most exotic accompaniment to the most simple, making them the perfect nibbly for any occasion. And because you can enjoy them in so many different ways, the possibilities are endless. Go on, try them for yourself!













Tecoz are always ready for action.

Perfect for:


Meetings or conferences

Birthday gatherings


School snacks

Cafes and restaurants.